Cannes Festival Yachting, from 9 to 14 September 2014,

Vieux Port

The world’s finest boats
With over 500 new boats on display in water, the Vieux Port has everything it takes to present a preview of the finest new models from the leading international shipyards in a magnificent setting.

The quality and density of the show stands out on the water through the mixed offer of motorboats and sailing boats 10 to 50 metres long and on land by the presence of many exhibitors dedicated to services and equipment for increasingly sophisticated boats…

Port Pierre Canto

Brokers offer the best performances
Like the finest yachts, the top European and American brokers are putting into Port Pierre Canto to offer us an enchanting panorama.
Palais des Festivals

The excellence of luxury yachting
From dream to reality, from tradition to modernity, from extreme refinement to the most highly specialised innovation, the most prestigious trademarks are coming to the Palais des Festivals to offer the impossible.

The art of living on board continues to evolve to meet the requirement owners. With more finesse and research in the development of design board, exhibitors present all their expertise in the Palais des Festivals.

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